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The design of OneSocial WordPress Theme will work well with simple as well as heavy customizations, making it suitable for almost any project. OneSocial comes with language files, making it easy for you to translate into your language. Make joining your network easy for people. OneSocial fully integrates on the “WordPress Social Login” market with the most popular, free social login plugin, giving you the ability to integrate with 26 + sites, including Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

The Perfect theme for your Community Site

Are you starting a small community? Or perhaps you need a theme for a large scale and highly customized project? No matter the project, OneSocial has you covered! With its great design, and its highly efficient code, OneSocial is a great fit for any community site project.

Minimalist Design

Embrace the simplicity and let your users focus on what matters most, the content! That’s right! We’ve created a design that will not get in the way of your users, but instead, will improve their experience on the site.

Easily Customizable

Our team has spent hundreds of hours designing a theme that is both simple and intuitive, yet looks very modern and is highly customizable. OneSocial's design will work well with both simple and heavy customizations, making it suitable for almost any project.

Multilingual Support

OneSocial comes with language files, so you can easily translate it into your language. We support customers from all around the world.

Social Login Integration

Make it easy for people to join your network. OneSocial integrates fully with the most popular, free social login plugin on the market "WordPress Social Login", giving you the ability to integrate with 26+ sites, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google.

Extend your customization abilities with a Powerful Admin Panel

Manage layout, font, colors, logos, cover photos, and more... Easily add custom code, optimize scripts, and import/export your options. You should never have to configure your theme more than once!

WooCommerce Support

Need to add a Shop to your site? All you need to do is install WooCommerce. We have taken the time to fully integrate OneSocial with WooCommerce. It just works!


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