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MemberPress Pro是一个易于使用的WordPress成员插件。这个强大的会员软件安装在您的网站上,帮助您立即开始收费访问。MemberPress将使您能够自信地创建、管理和跟踪会员订阅,并销售数字下载产品。


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MemberPress WordPress Plugin Features

  • Ridiculously Easy Setup
    We believe you shouldn’t need a phD in Computer Science to get your WordPress Membership Site up and running. That’s why we created MemberPress to be the easiest membership site software you’ve ever seen. All you’ll need to do is install the plugin, enter your payment gateway details, setup some products and you’ll be up and running!
  • Powerful Access Rules
    MemberPress will give you fine grained control over what content your users can see based on what membership or digital products they’ve purchased. MemberPress will allow you to restrict access to pages, child pages, posts, custom post types, categories, tags and almost any other files existing in your WordPress installation.
  • Premium Community Forums
    You’ll be able to build your own, password protected community with MemberPress when you install & use a WordPress-based forum. MemberPress integrates seamlessly with BBPress and many other WordPress forum plugins.
  • Coupons That Don’t Suck
    Coupons make it easy to run promotions and giveaways … so they are a critical component to any online business. MemberPress allows you to generate as many coupons as you want, control when they expire, their number of uses and even customize the coupon codes.
  • Ultra Stable & Secure
    It could be said that here at Caseproof we know a thing or two about creating awesome WordPress plugins. Do the WordPress plugins Pretty Link Pro and Affiliate Royale ring a bell? We wrote them—and we’ve written many other WordPress plugins like them. We know WordPress … that’s why MemberPress has been architected and built from the ground up with ultra-tight WordPress integration. In building MemberPress we’ve followed PHP and’s best coding practices for stability and security.
    In addition to this, we’ve been using MemberPress internally and for our clients for years. MemberPress has been proven in the real world and now it’s ready to go to work for you.
  • Pretty Pricing Pages
    MemberPress will allow you to generate dynamic pricing pages for your membership products—sort the order of your membership products, change the copy, change the look and feel … its very easy and powerful. In fact, to see an example, the pricing page on this site is generated by MemberPress—you can go check it out here. MemberPress provides several pricing page themes out of the box to make your pricing page look good … no CSS or HTML coding required. But if you’re an advanced user and don’t find a look and feel for your pricing page that you like in MemberPress then you can simply create your own css styles or fully customize by creating a page template in your WordPress theme. Group pricing pages are just standard WordPress custom post types so they’re easy to customize.
  • Works With Any Theme
    MemberPress works with any WordPress theme. Have a theme from StudioPress, WooThemes or another company? … Even if you have a custom theme, MemberPress should work great for you.
  • Drip, Drip
    MemberPress has all the features you’d expect from a great membership site plugin … and this includes content dripping (a.k.a. timed release of content) and content access expiration.
  • Affiliate Program
    As it so happens, MemberPress grew up with another plugin named Affiliate Royale—and they’re still BFFs to this day. Affiliate Royale is an amazing Affiliate Program plugin for WordPress that we wrote as well. These two plugins not only work together seamlessly but Affiliate Royale is actually included with the Pro Edition of MemberPress.
  • Clear And Relevant Reporting
    You’ll never be left hanging when it comes to how things are going on your membership site with MemberPress. We’ve put a lot of thought into the reporting in MemberPress to make sure it will give you all of the information you’ll need and none of the information you won’t. MemberPress reports will always let you know how much money you’re bringing in, which products are selling … and much more.
  • Simple Payment Gateway Integration
    Figuring out how to configure your site to charge users for digital products or bill them for membership products can be needlessly complex and frustrating (to say the least). Painful gateway setups have burned us too, that’s why we’ve made sure that in MemberPress all you have to do is enter your gateway API keys, setup any notifications the gateway needs and you’ll be cooking with gas.
  • Full Blown Subscription Management
    There’s nothing half baked about it—MemberPress will give your members the ability to create, update, and upgrade or cancel their subscriptions directly from your website. And since MemberPress leverages the automated billing systems on the payment gateway’s side there’s no complex setup … You’ll be able to sit back and relax with the confidence that your payments will come in regularly and that MemberPress will automatically grant or revoke access to your members based on those payments.
  • Unwavering Support
    It is quite easy to get a WordPress membership site up and running with MemberPress but sometimes you just need some help. We have an outstanding User Manual that covers every admin page and feature that MemberPress has to offer so you should be able to get your membership site working … but just in case, our support team is on the ball and ready to assist you in getting you the help you need. Just read what people are saying about MemberPress and our support. We won’t leave you hanging.
  • Brilliantly Extensible
    With plenty of WordPress actions & filters to go around, you can integrate your own custom code easily. And since it’s installed on your server and uses many built-in WordPress features, almost anything you can think of can be customized with MemberPress.

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    1.5.1 – 2019-07-08
    Bugfix release

    Cannot enter international postal codes in CC fields
    Fix for proper translation support from Loco Translate plugin
    Fix issue with quotes in content titles displaying in Rules
    Fix signup tracking shortcodes on thank you page

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